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December 15 2008

So long friends.

December 14 2008


December 12 2008

I declare Pownce dead.

December 11 2008

0112 8f34

December 10 2008

soup.io is just a FriendFeed clone. Cross posting at its worst. The usability of it is lower than FF also.

Let's hope Topix is better.
soup.io is just a FriendFeed clone. Cross posting at its worst. The usability of it is lower than FF also.

Let's hope Topix is better.
Apple's embedded productivity programs are just a tad too minimalistic for me.

Mail - No formatting toolbar (?)
iCal - a user friendly date picker, easier way to specify multi-day events

Makes me miss Outlook actually.

December 09 2008

soup.io import is 20 min and counting
Have we reached a consensus on which site we're going to? I'll follow suit :)

December 07 2008

Resources » Siolon

You web designers might like this resources list I'm building.

December 06 2008

A lot of frusturation is in the air today. I understand.
Quicksilver, LaunchBar, or Spotlight?


December 05 2008

Twitter / chrispoteet

There's something ironic about me promoting my Twitter address in light of my tagline.

"Trying out the Pownce thing since Twitter is sooo 2007."

December 04 2008

Episode 1: December 3, 2008 : Tech Gang Show

I'm a part of a new podcast called "The Tech Gang Show." We had our inaugural episode, and during the "rant" section I got to rant about the closing of Pownce. It starts about 23:45.


Attention Pownce Users!

Like myself, I'm sure a lot of you were shocked to hear that Pownce would be closing down. I've enjoyed my time on Pownce, and I will miss it. Topixz aims to take what made Pownce special and build on it, and hopefully, make something even better. With Topixz, I hope to create a service that is as close to a drop-in replacement for Pownce as it can be, and get it up and online before Pownce officially goes offline. From that point, I hope to be able to grow Topixz to make it what the users want it to be.

If you are a displaced Pownce user, please create an account on Topixz using your Pownce username. Also, please tell as many people as you can from Pownce about Topixz. With luck, we can recreate the magic of Pownce.

It is my intent to support the Pownce data export, so that Pownce users will be able to import all of their Pownce posts and hit the ground running.

December 03 2008

Looking around for an open source equivalent for Pownce. Identi.ca has the character limit. A heavily modified version of WordPress MU might do it...
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